A Fun, Fab, Experience. A Personal, Creative Poem.

A personal poem about a truly fun experience:

For anyone who has ever had to face a fear, and has come away from the experience much happier and stronger.

This poem is about my experience flying in a helicopter.

I had an experience:
I thought it would be scary,
So I was rather weary.
It was great,
It put me in a happy state.

I wanted to be able to face my fear,
the time was drawing near.
I decided to go ahead with a smile,
Even if it was only for awhile.

This might feel wrong,
I know though that facing my fears, will only make me strong.
When it was over, and my trip was completed,
I felt so happy and elated.

I wish I could have another experience like this one,
Cos boy was it fun.

P.s, I was right by the door the entire time and it was open!

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