A prayer for your loved ones.

A prayer for your loved ones:

The Lord’s Prayer

Lord above,
Bless my precious love.
As he lays down his head,
As he rests on his bed.

Please watch over him this night,
In this next day, provide him with strength and might.
May he continue to have good health,
And for your glory may he use his wealth.

I pray he will sleep sweet,
And sleep deep.
When it comes to morning,
And the sun starts dawning,
I pray he will wake up with a grateful heart,
So that another bright and beautiful day he will start.

The link I shared above is for the Lord’s prayer. It is the way the disciples were taught to pray. It is important to pray the Lord’s prayer. However it is wonderful to come up with your own prayers for your ,loved ones as well.

My prayer is just a guideline, to help you come up with some lovely prayers of your own.

Remember that one of the best ways to show someone you care, is to say a little prayer.

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