Hello everyone welcome to the Readings and Writings of Hayley.

Just a few facts that you may want to know about me:
I live and work in Cape Town, the most beautiful place in South Africa.
I have also done some professional, commercial blogs for iBay a digital advertising agency.
One of my many loves, is the love of storytelling.
I love to write, and when I say I love to write I mean it! I have written many things from short conversations using puns to children’s stories, and I even write poems based on personal experiences and the like.
Reading has got to be one of my favorite pastimes. There really is nothing better than reading, when you have some spare time on your hands.
You can expect blogs on many of the books that I read and even some interesting info on some of the world best loved Authors, or a short poem and anything that I think might inspire you for the day ahead.

I hope you enjoy my fun and creative blogs. (Happy Reading!)