All That God Has Done: Scripture Piece:

God deserves all our praise:: 2 Samuel 22

2 Samuel: 22-33 “God is my strength and power he makes my way perfect.”

Since it’s January and the start of yet another year I like to look back at the year that has passed. When I do I think back on all the good things and the not so good things that happened to me. I show gratitude to God for everything that has happened to me, be it good or bad.

You may be thinking that you too show gratitude for all the good things that may have happened to you, but are wondering why on earth anyone would thank God for all the bad things as well? People often push God away when bad times come their way, I however do not. In each and everybody’s life there are good times and not so good times. God is the one responsible for both.

What we should do is love him through both times. Do not forget that the bad times don’t last forever and joy comes in the morning. After the rains there is always a rainbow. I like to look back and see that last year had some stormy days but after all those stormy days God always sent a rainbow, and I just love rainbows. I know that I could not have made it through any of those so called “stormy days” if it wasn’t for the love of God. During those bad times my faith was strengthened and I am grateful, for my relationship with God became a million times stronger.

Last year I was called into a new area I had not yet been. That was the most wonderful part of my year. I chose to thank God for once again calling me somewhere new and exciting. Not everything was so wonderful last year and not everything worked out the way I would have liked. However I made it through the year a healthier and much happier Hayley. So that is why I chose to hank God for the good times and the bad times.

If you are ever looking back on a year that has passed remember that God helped you through the year, and if you like me are much healthier and happier, then all gratitude belongs to God. God will never leave you in the dark, he will always bring you into the light. So let all praise and thanks be to God.

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