Author Profile: David Nicholls:

Here are a few interesting facts on our Author of the week: David Nicholls.

Place of birth: David was born in 1966 in Eastleigh in the United Kingdom.

Family: David is married to the lovely Hannah Nicholls. He is also the middle of three siblings.

Books published: Starter For Ten, The Understudy, One Day and his latest release, Us.

Other accomplishments: Two of David’s most popular books ‘Starter For Ten and One Day’ have been adapted for films of the same name, along with his other movies Simpatico and When Did You Last See Your Father. He has also written a handful of screenplays that have been turned into films or series for the BBC.

Other occupations: David Nicholls is not only an outstanding Author but also an amazing screenwriter. As a screenwriter he co-wrote the adapted screenplay called ‘simpatico’. David also created the ‘Granada’ television pilot and miniseries ‘I Saw You’, and the six part miniseries ‘Rescue Me’. He also adapted ‘Much A Do About Nothing’ into a one-hour segment for the BBC, as well as ‘Great Expectations’, which he also adapted.

Accolades/ Nominations: David was nominated for a ‘British academy craft award’, for best new fiction writer. The Screen play ‘Great Expectations’ which he wrote and adapted, was listed on the 2009 Brit list for the best unmade scripts outside the United States.

Something you didn’t know: Throughout his 20’s David worked as an actor using his stage name ‘David Holdaway’ He played mainly small roles at theatres, including the ‘West Yorkshire Playhouse’, and for a three year period at ‘The Royal National Theatre’.

My Kind of person: What makes David Nicholls my kind of person? Well David didn’t only present us with some amazing literary works, he has also blessed us with his screenplay adaptions which we love just as much. Davis is also a one of a kind actor. Being an amazing all-rounder, makes David Nicholls my kind of person.

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