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Author of the week: John Green

Here are a few interesting facts on our Author of the week John Green:

Place of Birth: John was born in 1977 in Indianapolis Indiana in The United States Of America.

Family: John has been married to his wife Sarah Urist since 2006. They have two children. A son named Henry and a daughter named Alice.

Books published: Looking For Alaska, An Abundance Of Kathrine’s, Let It Snow, Paper Towns, Will Grayson. Will Grayson and The Fault In Our Stars Along with many other novels, as well as four short stories.

Other Accomplishments: Two of John’s books have been adapted for films of the same name. The Fault In Our Stars was adapted for a film of the same name last year. And Let It Snow will also be releasing as a film later this year.

Awards: John Green has won seven different awards for his books Looking For Alaska, Paper Towns, An Abundance Of Kathrine’s and for The Fault In Our Stars. He has won the award for Best Young Adult Novel, National Author Award, Teen Book Of The Year, Innovator’s Award as well as the Visionary Award as well as two other awards.

Other Projects: In 2007 John and his brother Hank began a video blog called 2.0. These video blogs were uploaded to a You Tube channel called “Vlog Brothers.” In 2012 following a grant from Google, the brothers launched a pair of short-format educational video series entitled “Crash Course”, which presents world history, American history and literature all hosted by John. The other side is a science show hosted by Hank Green. John Green is also the host for the You Tube channel for the magazine “Mental Floss

Something you didn’t Know: John worked for the book review journal in Chicago Bookist as a publishing assistant and production editor. He has also critiqued books for the New York Times Book Review. He has also created original radio essays for NPR’s All Things Considered and WEBEZ, Chicago’s public radio station.

My kind of person: In 2007 the Greens introduced the charity project entiteld “Project For Awesome” A project in where You Tube users take two days usually 17 and 18 December promoting charities or non-profit organisations of their choice. They raised $483,446 in 2007. This project has continued annually, and in 2013 they raised $869,291. Raising money to help others definitely makes John Green my kind of person.

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