Author Profile: Michelle Magorian:

Here are a few interesting facts about our Author of the week: Michelle Magorian:

Place of birth: Michelle was born in 1947 in Southsea in the United Kingdom.

Family: She has two sons Tom and George, they reside in Petersfield Hampshire in the United Kingdom.

Books published: Michelle Magorian has published thirteen notable works including the ever popular children’s novels, Good Night Mister Tom and the novel Back Home.

Major accomplishments: Three of Michelle’s books have been adapted for films of the same name. These include, Good Night Mister Tom, Back Home and Just Henry. Good Night Mister Tom was also adapted for a musical.

Other occupations: You may think that Michelle Magorian is just a children’s Author, however she has other occupations to her name as well. In fact, after three years of studying at the Rose Bruford College for Speech and Drama, she then spent a further two years studying in Paris. From there Michelle went on to launch her professional acting career. She spent a few years touring all over the country, from Scotland to Devon and then on to Yorkshire, taking part in any role she could get.

Awards: Michelle’s novel Good Night Mister Tom earned her international success when she won the annual Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize. She was also a commended runner up for the Carnegie Medal from the Library Association, recognizing the best children’s book by a British subject. She has also won the International Reading Association Children’s Book Award.

Something you didn’t Know: Michelle has lived not only in the United Kingdom, growing up she also lived in Singapore and Australia.

My kind of person: What makes Michelle Magorian my kind of person? She is well educated and well traveled, plus she is a truly multifaceted individual. Wow! Now that’s my kind of person.

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