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Here are some interesting facts about our Author of the week: Stephen King:

Place of birth: Stephen King was born in 1947 in Portland Maine in the United States Of America.

Family: Stephen has been married to his wife Tabitha King since 1971. They have three children Naomi, Joe Hill and Owen King.

Education: Stephen Graduated from the University of Maine With a bachelor of arts degree in English. He graduated in 1970.

Books Published: Stephen King has published books in many different genres such as: Horror, fantasy, science fiction, supernatural fiction, drama, Gothic, dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic fiction. He has published many notable works over the years. His first novel was published in 1973. Some of his most popular books include, Carrie, The Shinning, The Stand, Misery, It, The Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Tower and Under The Dome, plus many more.

Previous occupations: In 1971 a year and a half after he graduated from university, Stephen was hired as a teacher at Hamden Academy in Hamden Maine. He worked there until 1973, before moving to Southern Maine. He has also done some work as a columnist before becoming a published Author.

Other accomplishments: Stephen King has many talents, he is not just an outstanding Author. In 1989 Stephen King compliled an artists book with artist Barbara Kruger. In 2012 he wrote a musical play with John Mellancamp, titled Ghost Brothers Of Darkland County. Stephen has had a number of his books adapted for films of the same name. He said in an interview that his favorites are, Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption and The Mist. He has many others including, The Shinning and It. His first film appearance was in Knightriders, while his first feature role was in Creepshow. He has also appeared in many of his book adapted films including, Pet Cemetery, Thinner, Rose Red , The Stand,he appeared in the shinning miniseries and also in sleepwalkers. He produced and acted in television series Kingdom Hospital. He also co-wrote the X-Files season 5 episode Chinga with the creator of the series. Stephen King also tried his hand at directing, Maximum Overdrive. He also made a cameo in this film.

Awards: Stephen King has been nominated for many wards and has won many of these awards they include: American Library Association award for Best Books for Young Adults, Balrog Award in 1980 for Night Shift, Black Quill Awards in 2009 for Duma Key. In 2004 he won the award for International Author Of The Year, as well as the Edgar Award for Best Novel for The Dark Tower VII, Plus many,many more.

Something you didn’t Know: Stephen King’s Wife and his two sons are also published authors. Tabitha King has published nine of her own novels. Owen King published his first collection of stories , We’re All In This Together. which was published in 2005. His son Joe who writes under his Professional name Joe hill. He published a collection of short stories called 20th Century Ghosts in 2005. His debut novel, Heart-Shaped Box, which was published in 2007 , will be adapted into a feature film by director Neil Jordan.

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