Author Profile: Stephenie Meyer:

Here is some interesting info on our Author of the week: Stephenie Meyer:

Place of birth: Stephenie was born in 1973 in Hartford Connecticut, in the United States Of America.

Family: Stephanie has been married to her husband Christian Meyer since 1994. They have three sons, Seth, Gabe and Eli.

Books published: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, The Host and The Short Life Of Bree Tanner. As well as a contribution to a book of short stories.

Other accomplishments: All four of Stephenie’s books in the Twilight series were adapted for films of the same name. The last book Breaking Dawn was adapted for two films namely Breaking Dawn part one and part two, The Host was also adapted for a much loved film of the same name.

Awards: Stephenie has won the Kids Choice Award for Best Book in 2009, and Goodreads Choice Award for Best Graphic novels and comics in 2010.

Other projects: Stephenie Meyer is also a film producer. She started her own film company in 2011, called ‘Fickle Fish films’. She spent most parts of 2011 producing both parts of Breaking Dawn, as well as the the film adaption for Shannon Hale’s ‘Austanland’. She also produced the film adaption of her book The Host, as well as Louis Duncan’s ‘Down A Dark Hall’. In 2009 Stephenie also teamed up with skateboard and clothing company ‘Hobo Skate’ to produce her own clothing line.

Something you didn’t know: Stephenie had no experience as a writer of any kind and had never even written a short story before Twilight. She had considered going to law school because she thought she had no chance of becoming a writer. Before becoming an author, her only professional work was as a receptionist in a property company.

My kind of person: In 2009 Stephenie took part in ‘Project Book Babe,’ a benefit to help pay her friend Faith Hochhalter’s medical bills after Faith was diagnosed with breast cancer. Stephenie donated many advance reader copies and original manuscripts for auction. Helping out a friend in need, wow that sure does make her my kind of person indeed.

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