Author Profile: Wilbur Smith:

Here are some facts you maybe didn’t know about our Author of the week: Wilbur Smith

Place of birth: Wilbur was born in 1933 in Kabwe in Zambia.

Family: Wilbur has been married to his third wife Mokhiniso Smith since 2000. He has three children and a step son from his second marriage.

Education: Wilbur Smith attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. He graduated with a bachelors degree in commerce in 1954.

Novels: He has published more than 30 novels including River God, When The Lion Feeds, Warlock and Those In Peril. Wilbur Published his first novel in 1964.

Other occupations: Before he became a world acclaimed writer, Wilbur was a tax accountant. Before finishing school Wilbur told his parents that he wanted to be a journalist writing about the social issues in South Africa. His dad told him that he should get “a real job.” This then lead him to study and then become a chartered accountant. He worked as an accountant for the Inland Revenue Services.

Other accomplishments: Several of Wilbur Smiths Novels have been turned into movies and t.v series. These include, Gold Mine Filmed as Gold, The Dark Of The Sun filmed as Mercenaries, The Diamond Hunters, Shout At The Devil, Wild Justice and The Burning shore which have all been turned into films. River God and The Seventh Scroll have been turned into popular miniseries.

Awards: In 2002, the World Forum on the future of sport shooting activities granted Wilbur Smith the inaugural Sport Shooting Ambassador Award.

Something you didn’t know: Wilbur Smith has homes on more than one continent. He has a home in London in the U.K, a home in Malta in the central Mediterranean, Switzerland in Europe. For a number of years now, he has also had a home in the Seychelles, and of course he has a home in the most beautiful place in the entire world Cape Town, South Africa.

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