Book Recommendation: Adultery.

Adultery: paulo coelho:

What’s new on the book scene? Well I am going to be telling you about some new novels, from some of the worlds most loved Authors. This month I am finding out about Paulo Coelho’s latest release Adultery, which released end August 2014.

About this novel:
A Woman who is in her thirties starts to question why her life has become so predictable and why she is stuck in a rut. To the people around her, she has the perfect life. She seems to have a wonderful marriage to a rich and ever loving husband, with the most sweet and loving children, who are very well-behaved. To top it all off she has a career as a journalist, that anyone would love to have. However she is struggling with always having to put on a show of happiness, for the people around her. All she ever feels is apathy, boredom and much depression.

Suddenly that all changes when she meets up with an ex-boyfriend from her adolescence. Jacob her ex-boyfriend is a successful politician. During an interview with Jacob, He arouses feelings in her that she never expected to feel. Feelings of passion that she hasn’t felt in a long time. Soon after that initial interview, they begin an illustrious affair.

Find out more:
What will happen to this woman? Will she continue to have an affair, or will she realize that her marriage is worth fighting for? If you would like to know more, then make sure that you read this rather exciting new novel from Paulo Coelho to find out what will happen to these very interesting characters. Since it’s publication in August last year, this book has received excellent reviews. Adultery has even hit Amazon’s Best Sellers rank in the fiction category. This book definitely looks well worth the read.

Star Rating: Reates this book 3.1 out of 5.

What did you think of this book? Would love to hear your thoughts. If you read this book, write in the comment section below to let everyone know what you thought of it.

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