Book Recommendation: Revival.

Revival: Stephen King:

What’s new this month on the book scene. I found out about one of Stephen King’s latest novels Revival which, released mid November 2014.

About this book:
Revival is one of Stephen King’s darkest thrillers yet. This novel brings to life the scary truths about addiction,fanaticism and what exactly it is that lies on the other side of this life. Imagine that it’s a half a century ago, a small boy is seen playing with his toy soldiers…Then all of a sudden a dark shadow falls on him.

The little boy ‘Jamie Morton’ looks up when the dark shadow falls on him, he then sees the striking new minister, Charles Jacobs who is with his lovely wife. Charles is to take over the local church and to transform it. All of the men and boys in the town are a little in love with the ministers wife Mrs Jacobs. While the Girls including Jamie’s mother and sister Claire are a little in love with Mr Jacobs himself. Jamie and the new minister share a deep connection, due to their shared secret obsession.

When tragedy sadly strikes the Jacobs family Charles curses God and makes a mockery of all religious beliefs. The lovely new minister is soon banished from this small town. Jamie grows up to be playing in bands from one bar to the next. He runs away from his family, and in his mid thirties he is already addicted to heroin. He is also stranded with no place to go and very desperate. Soon Charles and Jamie meet again. This time they form a pact stronger then that made with the devil.

Find out more:
What will happen to Charles Jacobs after he is banished from his small town? Is there any hope for Jamie after he runs away from his family and becomes addicted to heroin, and just what is it that causes Jamie to run away in the first place? This novel seems very thrilling in deed. If you are the type of person who likes a little mystery mixed in with some spine chilling thrills, then don’t waist any time. Go and get your copy of Revival today. Now in all major bookstore’s.

Star Rating: rates this book 3.8 out of 5.

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