Book Recommendation: The Casual Vacancy.

The Casual Vacancy: J.K.Rowling:

About this book:
This novel is set amidst the suburban western town of Pagford. At the start the reader learns of the death of the beloved Barry Fairbrother who is a Parish Councillor. Due to Barry’s death a seat soon becomes available on the council. However before they can appoint Barry’s successor conflicts ensue and arguments begin to arise. Before the elections take place, the council must also deal with factions developing, this is concerning whether or not they should dissociate with a local ‘council estate.’ These council estates are the fields in which Barry had previously supported.

Those that that are running for a place on the council don’t have the easiest time. During the process of running for council these people people find that their deepest and darkest secrets are being revealed on the parish councils online forum for all to see. This begins to ruin their campaign and leaves the election in great turmoil.

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What will happen to these people who are all vying for a spot on the council. Who will be victorious and get the seat on the council, and whose dark secrets will ruin their chances before the election even begin? This is one book that should not be missed out on. It’s full of mystery, drama and a whole lot of unexpected twists and turns. This book is preferably suitable for older readers. However I think anyone over the age of sixteen would definitely enjoy this book. Make sure that this book is definitely on your must read book list.

Star rating: rates this book 3.25 out of 5.

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