Book Review: The Age Of Innocents.

The Age Of Innocents: Edith Wharton:

About this book:
This is a classic novel based on the life of Newland Archer, a very handsome and equally successful young lawyer. Newland always prides himself on sticking to the rules and standards of the elite and polite upper class of the New York society of the eighteen hundreds, in which he was brought up in.

Newland is happily engaged to the very lovely and sophisticated May Welland. Since he is attached to May, this has guaranteed his place in the society of the elite upper class. Soon after getting engaged to May, Newland meets May’s cousin the amazing and beautiful Countess Olenska from Europe. The arrival of the Countess turns Newland’s life into complete disarray.

What will happen after Newland meets the Countess? Will he be tempted into being dishonest to May? Or will he be able to resist the temptation of being with the Countess? Newland is very conflicted in many ways. Find out what will happen to him as you get into this enthralling classic tale.

Why I recommend it:

This is a fantastically well written novel, about a man who is torn between passion and obligation. I found this book to become more and more exciting as I became more engrossed in it. This novel was published in 1920, but is set in the late eighteen hundreds. This book is written in formal old school English. I would recommend though that if you can understand and enjoy novels written in that style, then you should read this book. children probably wont be able to get into a book like this, so this book is probably best suited for older readers. In my opinion this is just one of those great classics that has to be read. I strongly recommend that this book is on your list of classics to be read. This novel has also been adapted for a film of the same name.

Star Rating: Rates this book 3.9 out of 5.

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