Book Review: Bridget Jones, Mad About The Boy.

Bridget Jones, Mad About The Boy: Helen Fielding:

About this book:
Mad About The Boy is the third Bridget Jones novel from well known Author Helen Fielding. In the third Bridget Jones novel, Bridget’s life is not at all where she hoped it would be at this stage of her life.

Bridget has to face being a single mother of two, while also trying to be a business woman at the same time. Her love life has been dormant for awhile and now she needs to get back in the dating scene. Is she going through a mid-life crisis or is she starting the adventure of her life?

Why I recommend it:

This is a hilarious novel where you will laugh out loud at all the highs and lows of Bridget’s life. If you enjoyed the last two novels this one will surely not disappoint either. In my opinion this is the perfect romantic comedy in book form.
Some parts of this book really made me cringe and blush, while others made me laugh till I cried. For some light summer reading, make sure this one is top of your list.
Note: This book is probably not suitable for anyone under the age 16.

Star Rating: Gave this book 3.29 out of 5.

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