Book review: Good Night Mister Tom.

Good Night Mister Tom: Michelle Magorian:

About this book:
Good Night Mister Tom is the smash-hit first novel from Author Michelle Magorian.
Good Night Mr Tom is the story of a young boy named Willy Beech. As a young boy living in Britain, he is evacuated to live in the countryside, as Britain stands on the brink of the second world war.

He goes to live with an elderly man by the name of Tom Oakley. Tom is a shy and rather introverted man who lives a rather quiet and simple yet pleasant life out in the British countryside.

Willy Beech is a sad child deprived of a proper childhood. Whilst living with Mr Tom, Willy really begins to flourish. He learns exciting new things and he even makes friends with some other young boys. However his new found happiness that he has found living in the countryside is all too soon shattered, when he gets a summons from his mother back in London. He is told that he will no longer be staying with Mr Tom and must go back and live with his mother again. The thought of living with his mother again is a very scary thought for poor young willy and not something he wants to face ever again.

What happens to Willy when he goes back to live with his mother again? Can he forgiver her for her mistakes? Can she right all the wrongs that she has done unto her son? Or will Willy get the chance to go back to Mr Tom and forever leave behind the horrible life he lead in London with his mom?

Why I recommend it:

This book is full of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and of course moving on and growing up. It will have you weeping at the joys and getting angry at the times of sadness for Willy. This novel had me feeling all kinds of emotions, but most importantly it had me coming back for more.

Good Night Mister Tom is the winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize.
“Everyone’s idea of a smash-hit first novel. Full-down characters to love and hate, moments of grief and joy. and a marvelous story that knows just how to grab the emotions”- Guardian.

Star Rating: Rates this book 4.25 out of 5.

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