Book Review: Miss Potter.

Miss Potter: Richard Maltby,Jr:

About this book:
Miss Potter is the true-to- life story of Beatrix Potter.
Written by Author Richard Maltby Jnr. Beatrix is the number one best selling children’s author of the Beatrix Potter series which include books such as The Tale Of Peter Rabbit and The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin along with many more.

Beatrix always had the most wild and vivid imagination along with a love for painting.This book tells the story of how miss Potter used her two most loved hobbies, to create the children’s books that everybody has come to know and love. At first Beatrix’s love for painting was an escape from her restricted life. It was this love that soon propelled her into a really exciting life, with another truly unexpected love of it’s own. After Managing to become a published author, she soon experiences success and independence, as well as the love she never expected to find.

Why I recommend it:
As somebody who shares a passion for writing and becoming published myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Miss Potter’s incredible journey to becoming published despite her setbacks and finding true love amongst it all. Beatrix managed to find complete happiness despite any circumstances she may have been through. I know what it’s like to have setbacks, and what it’s like to overcome each and every obstacle in my way. Which made it all the more exciting to read. If you loved Beatrix Potters children’s books, or simply love a good story of someone finding success and happiness in a crazy world. Then this is a must read. This book was also adapted for film. The film of the same name stars award winning actress Rene Zellweiger and well known actor Ewan McGregor.

Star Rating: amazon. Rates this book 4.5 out of 5.

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