Book Review: Popular. A Memoir.

Popular, Vintage wisdom for the modern geek:

About this book:
A true story from teenage Author Maya Van Wagenen. When Maya is going through some of her parents old boxes, she finds a really old book that neither of her parents had read. The book is ‘Betty Cornell’s Teenage Popularity Guide.’ This book is a 1950’s guide to popularity, from hair do’s and make-up to girdles and posture, this book explains it all.

Maya has always felt like a geek at school. She doesn’t have many friends and tends to stick to just her best friend, not ever daring to move out of her comfort zone. This is all true, until she finds the Betty Cornell book. Maya’s mom suggests the she read each chapter in the book and follow all the instructions each and every day. Each chapter is based over the period of one month. Maya decides to go ahead and take up this challenge.

The road ahead for Maya is not an easy one, however Maya has intended to see it through to the end. Despite some of the difficulties she has to face ,Maya has loads of fun going through Betty’s book. It might be a book written in the 1950’s but it can apply to the modern girl of the 21st century.

What will happen when Maya’s challenge is over ? Will she become popular and forever leave behind her geeky status, or will she remain the geeky teenage girl she was before the challenge?

Why I recommend it:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I could totally relate to Maya. As a teenager I too was very geeky. I tended to stick to just one or two close friends and didn’t move out of my comfort zone. It seemed to be that Maya and I had a lot in common. It may seem like it’s only suitable for teenagers, however this story can be read by girls or woman of any age. This book provides you with tools to help you come out of your comfort zone and to make new friends. Maya also shows you that absolutely anybody and everybody can be popular. Through her story Maya definitely helped me in my life and I have made new friends by taking up this challenge myself, every time I attend my Sunday Church service or a public event. The one and only downside is that this book is aimed at all the girls and ladies of this world, sorry boys! If you have always wanted to be popular or simply just improve your appearance and self-confidence then this is a must read.

Star Rating: Rates this book 4.1 out of 5.

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