Book Review: Redeeming Love.

Redeeming Love: Francine Rrivers

About This Book:
Francine Rivers’ Novels are all told from a Christian perspective.This novel is a historical romance, set around the 1850’s Gold Rush in California. This book was inspired by the book of Hosea in the old testament of the Bible.

Sarah has never had the love that every child deserves to have. At a young age Sarah is sold off into prostitution. When Sarah arrives at the brothel they change her name to Angel, because of her rare angelic beauty. The only thing that is keeping Angel/Sarah alive is her hatred of men. To her love is nothing, and sex is just a physical act nothing more then that.

One day a very good looking Young man by the name of Micheal happens to cross paths with Angel. He can’t take his eyes off her, she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. When he finds out that she is living in a terrible brothel, he does all that he can to get her out of there. Angel is afraid of accepting Micheal into her life. Micheal has shown her nothing but love and that alone terrifies her. Micheal eventually gets her out of the brothel. She then goes to stay with him. Micheal puts his love of the Lord above all else and heeds the Lords calling to marry Angel, and to show her love like she has never experienced before.

As Angel’s heart begins to thaw she becomes more distant from Micheal. Three times she runs away from the love that Micheal gives to her. However Micheal knows that deep down inside she does want all of the love that Micheal and the Lord have to offer her. Find out what happens to Angel next in this unbelievably beautiful story.

Why I recommend it:
This book was tugging at my heart strings from the moment I read it. This book is definitely in my top five of my all time favorite books. I love this book so much because I see the love that Micheal has for the Lord, and boy is his love strong. Micheal’s love for Sarah/Angel is also very powerful but he knows that the Lords love is stronger and together they thaw Angels heart and her hatred of men eventually begins to disappear. In the beginning, I cried because nobody should have to live a life as a prostitute at such a young age or ever in my mind. Then when she was able to recognize the Lords love for her it brought tears of joy to my eyes. There simply is no better tale of hatred turning into love than this beautiful story. If you love a really amazing love story then this is definitely the book to read. It may seem like a lot of reading, but you’ll be so glad you read this book when you’re done.

Star Rating: rates this book. 4.47 out of 5.

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