Book Review: Starter For Ten:

Starter For Ten: David Nicholls.

About this book:
Brian Jackson is a teenage boy who is starting out at university for the very first time. It’s 1985, Brian has been given a scholarship to attend the university of his choice. Brian Jackson is so excited to be going to university for the first time, but not for the reason that most teenagers look forward to going. Brian is excited because ever since he was a child he has wanted to appear on the popular British TV quiz show ‘University Challenge’.

Eventually after all these years of dreaming about the chance to be on his favorite quiz show, it seems that all of Brian’s dreams might just be coming true. He finally makes the team, they complete the qualifying rounds and are now up for their first televised match. Things are not only going well for Brian with the University Challenge, things are also going well on the female front too. Brian has managed to become friends with one of the most beautiful girls on his team for the challenge, she just happens to be the lovely Alice Harbinson. Brian is to be appearing on his favorite quiz show and he might just end up with the girl of his dreams. But just when life seems to be going perfectly for Brian, he learns something that could destroy all his dreams in one day.

Why I recommend this book:
This book may have taken me one or two chapters to get into. However once I got into this book I was hooked. The characters in this book will really have you laughing out loud. I was laughing for days after I finished this book. It’s really the perfect book for when you need a pick me up. If you are looking for a book that will have you feeling every emotion form sadness to triumph and complete joy and happiness, then this is definitely the book to read. If you need a pick me up, then make sure you pick up a copy of this book. Starter For Ten has also been turned into a much loved film of the same name.

Star rating: rates this book 3.57 out of 5.

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