Book Review:The Host.

The Host: Stephenie Meyer:

About this book:
The Host is another international bestseller from Author Stephanie Meyer. This book is a sci-fi that focuses on mystery and fantasy, and is all about how one girl is overtaken by a host body. A species that takes control of peoples minds and bodies. along with most of the worlds population, Melanie Stryder’s body has also been taken by a host.

Melanie Stryder refuses to let Wanderer “the soul” take control of her body. Wanderer as she is know, has been given to the human body of a girl in her late teens. For Wanderer it is a struggle being in Melanie’s body. she has been used to many host bodies, but none of them have ever been human before.

Wanderer doesn’t expect to have all of Melanie’s memories and to feel such strong emotions for a boy she has never met but knows somehow that she must find him. When Melanie was taken over by Wanderer, she left behind her young brother and her boyfriend Jared whom she lived with. Melanie fills Wanderer with every vision she has and all her feelings of love for Jared. Eventually Wanderer is unable to separate herself from the feelings that she now has for Jared. Despite the fact that neither of them care about each other they do have feelings for the same guy.
They set off on a very long journey to find the one one guy that they now both love. Will they be able to find him, and can they live with each other, or will the one destroy the other?

Why I recommend it:
If you are a fan of the unknown and mysterious, or you simply like a bit of fantasy and drama. Then make sure that this book is on your list. This novel is suitable for all ages alike. One of the things I loved most, was that I felt like I too was on this journey with Melanie, and it made the read that much more enthralling. Once you get into this book you wont want to put it down. The Host is also now a major motion picture. Once you have read The Host, then the movie will definitely be one you’ll want to watch.

Star Rating: Rates this book 3.85 out of 5.

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