Book Review: The Longest Ride.

The Longest Ride: Nicholas Sparks:

About this book:
The Longest Ride is the latest installment from internationally acclaimed Author Nicholas Sparks. This book follows two very epic love stories from two couples who are worlds apart.

The first is that of Ira and Ruth: 91 Year old Ira has had a car accident and is now trapped in his car. while drifting in and out of consciousness, Ira is retelling the love story between him and his beloved and departed wife Ruth. This is a beautiful story of two people who were truly in love in every way. They have been pulled through the war and back, and it has only made their love for each other grow that much stronger.

The second is that of Luke and Sophia: Luke and Sophia are a young couple in their early twenties. However they couldn’t be more different. Luke lives and and rides bulls for a living. His life on the ranch is the only life he has ever known. Sophia grew up in the city and is now a art history major at Wake Forest University. Luke and Sophia meet at one of Luke’s Bull rides and there is an instant attraction. Luke is very stubborn, and maybe a little too stubborn for Sophia. Can they make their relationship work?

Why I recommend it:

This is such an amazing book. This has definitely got to be one of Nicholas Sparks’ best Novels yet. This book is suitable for both young and old alike to enjoy.
The Daily Mail has even said, “It will have you weeping at the joy and tragedy of it all.”

As Christmas is around the corner make sure you get this book for anyone that you know, that Loves Nicholas Sparks’ novels, or if they just enjoy a good love story in general, then this is a must read.

Star Rating: Gave this book 4.10 out of 5.

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