Book Review: The Three Most Inspiring Books.

Some inspirational books to read:

These are the top three most inspiring books that I have read:

1. Miss Potter:
Miss Potter written by Author Richard Maltby,Jr is the true-to -life story of bet selling children’s book Author Beatrix Potter.This book tells of Beatrix’s life from when she was a young woman with a passion for drawing and painting, to the day she met the man who would help her to get her first book published.

Why this book is so inspiring:
This book is incredibly inspiring, as it shows Beatrix’s determination to never give up on her dreams. Despite whatever setbacks she may have had to endure. She pushed through it all and never once gave up. Not only did she become a successful Author, but she managed to find love and happiness amongst it all. This book will have you wanting to chase each and every one of your dreams and find ultimate happiness and success. This book inspired me in so many ways, I know it will inspire you as well.

2.The Alchemist:
The Alchemist written by Author paulo coelho tells the story of a young Andalusion Shepard boy named Santiago. He dreams of traveling the world to find a treasure more extraordinary than any other. Unbeknownst to him a fateful encounter with the alchemist awaits him along his journey.

Why this book is so inspiring:
It might not seem so inspiring when you read the description. However once you finish this book, it will have you feeling so inspired you will want to accomplish everything you set your heart to. This book showed me that if you keep pushing ahead no matter how bad things may become you can accomplish absolutely anything you set your mind on. Sometimes all you have to do is look to the inside, and see what’s really in your heart. This book is so inspiring even Madonna. recommends it. “The Alchemist is a beautiful book about magic, dreams and the treasures we seek elsewhere and then find on our doorstep.”- Madonna

3. Never Give Up:
Never Give Up written by Author Joyce Meyer This is a book that Joyce felt personally inspired to write. Joyce has had to face many hardships in her life. She has had to battle through an abusive childhood and a bad marriage. Joyce sure does know what it’s like to face many insurmountable obstacles and she has used her faith in God to pull her through. In this book she tells the story’s of many other people who like her have used their faith in God to help them to not give up on their dreams and desires, and to help them accomplish all that they have ever wanted to. It took a lot of courage and a whole lot of faith to get them to reach their goals but each one of these individuals reached their goals.

Why this book is so inspiring:
I think this is the most inspiring book I have ever read. When I started with this book I knew this book would inspire me, especially being the Christian that I am, I love reading about how others have used their faith to move mountains. This book only strengthened the faith I already have in God. When you finish this book you will want to accomplish each and every goal you set for yourself. I certainly wanted to do that and today I can say that I have definitely done just that.

Always remember… God has helped many people become successful in many different areas of life. Put your faith him and there is no reason why he wont do the same for you as well.

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