Cast Away Your Worries. Scripture Piece.

Cast all your worries and cares to God:1Peter:5.

1Peter:5:6&7 Says:
So “Humble yourself under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. Give all your worries and cares to God for he cares about you.”

In life we all have things that we are worried about. If you are still studying then it will be your next test or exam. Or maybe if you are a career person then it’s a hectic work load. It could be your health that you are worrying about if you are ill. If you struggle financially then it’s money that is most likely worrying you. This is a piece of scripture that you should remember the next time that you feel stressed or worried about any of these things.

If you give all your worries to God, he will surely take care of them for you. During your daily prayer times. Tell God about all of your worries and cares. For me personally I do this a lot. I see God as the best listener ever, and best of all he doesn’t interrupt me while I’m speaking. I don’t ever feel the need to see a psychiatrist because God listens to me for free, and unlike a psychiatrist God loves me unconditionally and will therefore automatically take away any worry that I may have.

When You are telling God about your cares and worries, remember to thank him for removing any worry or stress form your life. How do you think you have rid yourself of worry in the past? Well when we think of it we don’t really know often how we got rid of it. However what you should know is that God was the one who got rid of it for you, and if he did it for you in the past he will do it for you again. So thank him for removing worry and stress from your life. Make sure that you hand over every ounce of stress and worry to him today. Once you do this you will be so glad you did, and you will be feeling much lighter and happier for it.

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