Change Is Good.

An Inspirational piece: Don’t fear change, it’s a good thing.

This writing piece is to remind us, that change is not a bad thing at all.

In life we are often afraid that the change that has come in our lives is going to be bad. We need to remember to be grateful for that change, cos as soon as something goes out of our lives and our lives change, something good must come in.

If you have a fall-out with a friend don’t let negative feelings take control of you. Rather begin to be grateful for the chance to make new friends, with whom you shall not have a falling out.If you have to move from your house into one that may be smaller, this is the perfect opportunity to say thank you for being able to move from this small house into one that is bigger. You can then see it in your minds eye exactly the way you want it to be. Soon you will be moving again and this time, it will be to your dream home.

Remember to never dwell on the negative when a change occurs in your life. Change is a positive thing and you should feel grateful for this change. I liken change in our lives to Autumn and spring. In Autumn the leaves all fall off the trees and they are left bare. The tress don’t look very nice at all. However when Spring comes again the trees get their leaves back and are once again extremely beautiful. The change when Autumn comes is not negative, it’s only a chance for us to say thank you that Spring is just around the next corner. Remember that Autumn eventually leads to Spring, and remember that any change is a good change.

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