Change Today.

An inspirational piece: Changing the outcome of your day.

This piece explains how you can create a positive outcome to your day.

Each day is a beautiful gift, a miracle in the making. It’s also a chance for new beginnings. If yesterday didn’t go the way you would have liked it to, then today is a chance to wipe the slate clean. Start off your day, by giving thanks to the Lord for giving you another day to be alive, and live in this beautiful world.

Make sure that today you don’t focus on the negatives of yesterday, after all that is where they belong. You are only ever as happy as you choose to be. So remember to make today a happy one by focusing on the positive things of the day. No day can ever be that bad that you can’t even acknowledge one positive thing. I have made a list of the seven positive things in my life. Having a wonderful family and amazing friends and, of course an awesome God who is by side every day. These are just some of the seven positive things on my list.

Make a list today and when you are feeling down in the dumps you can read your list and give thanks for everything on your list. In that way you are wiping the slate clean of all the negative things, and focusing on only the good things in your life. This is the best way to start off your day, and make it a happy day every day.

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