Creative Inspiration: A Poem.

Some inspiration for the day ahead.

Each day wake up and begin to appreciate,
Start to pray
Don’t start to hate,
It’ll surely make make for a much brighter day.

Whatever you do don’t loose your smile,
Make sure you’re always in a happy mood
Don’t ever change that dial,
If you do this your day will most definitely be good.

From the moment your day begins, to everyone you meet be kind,
Show them just how much you really do care
Cos when the day is done, you can’t go back and you can’t rewind,
Feel every moment make sure your present, make sure you’re there.

Soon your day will be done,
And you’ll look up at the stars above
You will then be truly thankful for a day that was so much fun,
And you shall know it all happened because of Gods great love.

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