Don’t Compromise:

An inspirational piece: Don’t compromise on the important stuff.

In our lives we often tend to feel that we need to compromise on the important things for the sake of other things, or even for the sake of other people. However we shouldn’t feel the need to have to compromise.

When it comes to your weight do you compromise on the things you enjoy eating? Do you like to eat something sweet once in awhile, but have decided to cut it out of your eating plan because your partner wants you to be supper skinny? You don’t need to compromise on eating something you like. If you like something sweet, then you should be able to eat everything in moderation, and add a little daily exercise with that and you wont be overweight. You will be able to maintain that slim figure. Plus you want a partner who loves you for you right? So your partner should love you whether you eat sweet things or not. Don’t compromise.

What about your dream job? Are you settling for a job that you hate just because it pays more then your dream job? This is not where you should be compromising either. If you settle for something you hate, then you’ll always be miserable, and even if you make loads of money it wont be able to buy you happiness. However if you get your dream job and you are doing what you love, then it’ll make up for the fact that you aren’t making as much as the other job that you could have had. Plus if you are smart with your money and learn how to save it instead of spend it all, that will mean that you’ll have more money in the bank at the end of the month. For me I always feel that the more money I have the more I want to spend. So maybe you don’t need to put your self through all that misery after all. As along as you make enough to live off and pay all your bills you’ll be alright. Don’t compromise on your dream job.

Where friends and life partners are concerned, don’t compromise there either. You shouldn’t date someone just because your parents think he or she is the right partner for you. At the end of the day your parents will be happy if they know you’re happy. If you choose to be with someone who doesn’t make you happy, then it means that you are wasting the time you could have spent with someone who does make you happy. You deserve to be with a partner who makes you happy, don’t compromise. When it comes to friends you don’t need to compromise by making friends with people who you think have ‘The Cool Factor’, which means that they will be inviting you to all the places you think are cool and doing everything that you think is cool. If you don’t particularly want to be friends with these people but feel pressure from other friends to hang out with these new friends, you don’t have to do it. So what if you don’t seem cool? You can find other friends who will accept you for who and what you are. Trust me you’ll be so happy you didn’t compromise on this one. Friendships are meant to last so don’t compromise on the friends you choose.

Now that you have seen the main areas in life where one normally compromises. I hope that you will see that you don’t need to compromise. Unless it’s a life and death situation, you don’t need to compromise your own happiness for anything or anyone.

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