Easter A Time For Celebration:

Here is my creative poem on Easter:

Easter is a time when we feast,
The crucifixion is often what we tend to think about least.
We think about our children we want to give them an Easter egg,
For we know if we don’t they’ll surely begin to beg.

We enjoy the lovely long weekends,
We sure can’t wait to spend this time with family and friends.
Easter to me has always been sugary sweet,
There’s always so many chocolate things to eat.

However one of the most important things,
Will always be the fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
When it comes to Easter we make a real fuss,
What we need to remember though is that it’s not just about the chocolate eggs we’ll eat,
It’s that what Jesus did he did because he loves each and everyone of us.

Don’t forget the real reason for this wonderful sugary sweet season. May all of you who are celebrating Easter, have a wonderful and blessed long weekend with family and friends.

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