The Elections. A Poem.

A fun creative poem about the elections:

A poem, for all South Africans who will be voting in the 2014 general elections.

What will happen on seven May, What will happen to our country on this voting day?
Will the parties make their selections?
What will happen after the elections?

It’s time to go cast your vote, And those who don’t better take note. Stand alongside your country, stand proud, Make your voice heard, make it loud.

If you don’t want to help to make that change, you can’t moan, And if you don’t vote and make your mark, you certainly can’t groan. No country is perfect, and just like the rest ours has some gaps and holes,

Remember though, that it can only be made better if we go to the poles. So make sure that on May seventh whatever your preference, You go out to cast your vote and to make a difference.

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