Father’s. A Poem.

A Poem for Father’s Day:

This creative piece is dedicated to my dad and all the other wonderful dads out there.

There is no one in your life who can compare to him, No mater what, he is the first man and still the best man in your life through thick and thin. A true father does not hide, He owns up to his responsibilities and provides.
He’s loving, caring and kind, He makes sure his family’s needs are always on his mind.

A true father will be there no matter what, When in need he’ll drop everything and be there in a shot. If you need money he’ll help you out, He’ll lend a hand without a doubt.
A father is someone you can lean on when things go wrong, He’s tough as nails and super strong.

If you, like me, couldn’t imagine what you’d do without him and are so glad, to have him and no one else as your dad. Make sure to tell your dad just how much you admire and love him for all he does. To all those strong heroic and utterly amazing dads out there. From me to you happy Father’s Day.

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