Have No Fear Cos God Is Always Near. Scripture Piece.

Have no fear: Isaiah:43.

“Have no fear for I am with you, I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west.” Isaiah-43:5:

Every person and every country has it’s turning point. For most of the countries of the world, especially the African countries, it was when they gained their independence.

When we Look at some places in the world be it in Asia or Africa or any other part of the world, we see wars being waged. People often feel that all hope has been lost, and that there is no chance of them ever getting out of this situation that they find themselves in. What we need to do when we find ourselves in a hopeless situation is, to put the misfortunes, disasters and helplessness behind us and choose to take heed of what the Lord said in this scripture piece. “Have no fear!” See this as a command from God not just a suggestion. God has ordered you to banish each and everyone of your fears.

Also remember that no matter what you may fear ,be it violence or disaster and destruction or possibly losing a loved one, or even some or other personal issue. All you have to do is look unto the Lord. Keep that faith, don’t lose it at a time when it is most needed. Remember that whatever you may have had to withstand or suffer God promises to be there for you and to help you put it behind you. He also promises to make a new future for you. Don’t be afraid, just go forward with Christ.

Keep praying to God, ask him to help you get rid of your fear and to be with you in each and every difficult situation. Then thank Him for being there and never leaving you, and bringing you out of that situation and ridding you of all your fears. You know God will do this, that’s why you thank Him before it’s done. How do you know this, because God has brought and end to world war one and world war two, as well as many other terrible situations that people have had to face in life. God will do the same for you. Just like David when he had to fight Goliath, make sure you have faith not fear.

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