Feeling Festive: A Poem:

This is a poem on feeling festive:

The time has finally come
For us to celebrate a very special someone.
We’ll celebrate with family and maybe with a friend As yet another year draws to an end.

Remember that this time of year is for everyone
This is a time that is meant to be so much fun.
There’ll surely be feasts galore For all to adore.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, I hope you’ll enjoy the snow
And all that comes with it’s beautiful show.
If you, like me live in the southern hemisphere, I hope you’ll enjoy the sunshine And everything magical that comes along at this time.

May you never forget why we celebrate this time of year
With all it’s festive cheer.
From me to you, may you have a wonderful Christmas day As you enjoy it in each and every way.

P.S From me to you I hope you have a fabulous Christmas, a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a fantastic 2016!

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