The First Gift. A Poem.

The First Gift:

This poem is for everyone celebrating this season:

The first Christmas gift wasn’t purchased in a store,
The first gift was priceless, and it’s a gift we should all adore.
It wasn’t purchased on line,
This gift is for everyone, it’s yours and it’s mine.
It didn’t come wrapped up in Christmas paper with a fancy bow,
That’s something I sure do know.

This is a gift from above,
This is a gift of peace and of pure love.
It’s a gift given to all of us,
It’s the life of Jesus.

Christmas isn’t only about the presents we’ll be giving,
Nor is it only about the presents we’ll be receiving.
It’s not only about the food on which we’ll feast,
Like the Christmas pudding and the roast meat.
It’s also not only about the time with family and friends we’ll share,
Christmas is about the person, that no mater what will always be there.

This December,
There’s one very important person to remember.
There is only one gift to give and one to get, and to celebrate only one reason,
May you all receive the best gift this season.
The only one, the holy one, Jesus Christ.

I hope you will all have a very Happy festive season, and a wonderful Christmas filled with Jesus’ love.

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