Get Excited.

An inspirational Piece: To get you feeling excited.

Most people know the feeling of disappointment in their lives. You know what it feels like when you apply for that dream job and you don’t get it. Or how about going on a date with someone that you believe is your perfect partner and you don’t ever really date that person.

What does all this mean? You may want to know. Well what it means is, that none of these things were matching up to your dream in life. It means that better things are in store for you. Most people know what it’s like, when you are telling your mom about how, say for instance the guy you went on a date with never bothered to contact you for date number two like he promised. Your mom would have said: “Don’t worry that guy wasn’t the right guy for you anyway, and there is someone out there that is much better suited for you, hang in there child.” The truth is your mom is always right.

When you feel disappointment in your life, don’t let that feeling linger for more than a second. Change that feeling to one of gratitude and happiness by saying thank you for whatever you really want like e.g thank you for my perfect partner. When you don’t get what you want, something or someone better is out there waiting for you. So go on become excited about it. Remember this the next time disappointment is lurking, because something better is around the next corner. (Let the EXCITEMENT begin!)

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