Giving Love, Getting Love:

An Inspirational piece: Giving love and getting love.

When you give love to one another it will surely come to back to you. It doesn’t always have to mean you giving your loved ones expensive gifts on Valentines Day. What it can be is simply just a small gesture of love, like making them tea or coffee in the morning, or for the guys you can pick a bunch of flowers from your garden for your ladies. The more you give the more you get in return, and I know that you all want to get lots of love in return.

How often do you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you? Don’t wait until Valentines Day or your Anniversary to tell them. There shouldn’t be just two days of the year for you to tell them that you love them. Do you show gratitude for the little things that they do on a daily basis for you? When your loved one cleans the kitchen without you having to ask, remember to thank them for that act of kindness, cos they could have left it for you to do all by yourself.

Giving love doesn’t mean only giving love to your partner or any of your family and friends, it also means spreading love to absolutely everyone you may come across. Show all the people around you that you care. Do small acts of kindness for others as well. Maybe you work with a handful of other people. Why not bring them a cup of coffee or tea? Or if you can’t go out and buy some, then just go on your lunch break and make some coffee or tea for them. You can also offer to do some extra tasks to help one of your co-workers out. All of these acts will amount to other people around you showing you love when you least expect it, and need it the most.

Love is something that is meant to be shown every single day otherwise it could be lost. The more love you show to others the more love you will get in return. So remember to give as much love as you can whenever and wherever possible.

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