Going Into The Unknown. Scripture Piece.

Going into the unknown with God: Numbers 20.

Numbers 20:2-5 & 8: 2.There was no water for the people to drink at that place, so they rebelled against Moses and Aaron. 3.The people blamed Moses and said, “If only we had died in the Lord’s presence with our brothers! 4.Why Have you brought the congregation of the Lord’s people into the wilderness, to die along with our livestock? 5.Why did you make us leave Egypt and bring us here to this terrible place? This land has no grain, no figs, no grapes, no pomegranates and no water to drink!” 8.Then the Lord said to Moses, “You will provide enough water from the rock you have for the whole community and their livestock.”

In our lives there are going to be times when we are called by God to go into the unknown. We often have to do things that scare us. For Moses and his brother Aaron they had to lead the people out of Egypt, this terrified them but they did as God wanted.

Maybe you have to move to another city, maybe you have decided to leave your job and start your own business. Whatever it is you are going to be doing, go ahead like Moses and Aaron did with God by your side. They knew God would help them no matter where their journey took them. God will provide you with whatever it is that you need, all you have to do is ask.

Don’t ever be afraid to step into the unknown. I have felt afraid to step into the unknown in the past and it has kept me from doing many great things. Now however I go forward confidently knowing that every step of the way God is with me. When I feel like the road ahead of me is too much to take on, all I do is ask God to help me along. God wont leave you stranded with nothing. When everybody else turns you down, God will be the one there to help you through.

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