Good Deeds Day:

An inspirational piece: Making each day a good deeds day:

Each and every day, should be a day where we do good deeds for others. We want to do good deeds for others, but not so that people can go around telling everyone what good people we are. We want to do it, because we want other’s to see that we appreciate them. One day these people in our lives will do these things for us.

Give encouragement to all the people around. This is also a form of a good deed. People love to feel encouraged by others. Try to give as much kindness to everyone as you can. Be kind to people because you may just be the only person to show kindness to that person the whole day, and they will really appreciate it. If you tip your waiter, give a little extra, if you can afford it.

When you visit a friend or family member give them a little something special just to show them how much they mean to you. Give your friend a chocolate to say thank you for inviting me over to your house. Buy your mom or sister some flowers to say thank you, if they invite you for tea. What about when you need to go into a building and there are other people also waiting to go in? Make sure you open the door and let them go in first. If you and partner go out somewhere, gentlemen, open the car door for your ladies.

Whenever you can give compliments to absolutely everyone you can. When I get a compliment it just makes my whole day better. People like to know they have good taste in clothes and shoes, etc. So give compliments. Lastly make sure that you show interest in others. Don’t just sit and pretend to listen. Listen to what others have to say and show genuine interest in the conversation.

Look for as many ways as you can to do good deeds, then all of these good deeds will come flooding back to you in an abundance.

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