How To Have A Great Day Everyday. A Poem.

This is a creative Piece on how to have a great day:

I begin by jumping out of bed with an excited feeling in my heart, I immediately begin to smile,
There’s simply no better way for the day to start.
Even if i’m still a little tired and I am once again yawning,
I tell myself I am no longer tired but full of energy,
And with that same smile I greet the bright and beautiful morning.

No matter what I have to do I tell myself, today is going to be a great day,
When you believe that today is going to be a great day, what could go wrong,
The rest of today will surely go your way.
I make sure that I have positive thoughts all day long,
It’s not the easiest thing to always be done,
To make it easier, I start to sing my favorite song.

By the end of the day I am still feeling good,
I’m feeling this way because I have changed all my negative thoughts to positive ones,
Which has led the day to end exactly as it should.
At the end of this great day, I still have the best attitude,
It is one that is stable and has remained constant throughout the day,
It is one of great gratitude.

Before falling asleep I thank the Lord above,
For helping to make it through another beautiful day,
And for reigning down on me with peace and love.
I end off my day thanking the Lord for blessing me in all his ways,
Not just me but everyone else too,
And lastly for brightening up all my days.

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