Book Review: How To Fall In love.

How to fall in love: Cecelia Ahern:

About this book:

How To Fall In Love, is the latest installment from international best selling Irish Author Cecelia Ahern. She is also the Author of the best selling novel “P.S I Love You” which was adapted in to a much loved movie.
She has just two weeks to make him fall in love with his life… Can she do it, or is this task too big?

Christine Rose is in the recruitment business. She is used finding people the right job. However Christine goes above and beyond for all her clients. Christine uses self-help books for absolutely everything in her life. However when she discovers a man on a bridge who is about to jump, can she pull out a self-help book to help this man?

Adam Basil is unhappy with his life and the job he is tasked to do. To make matters worse he feels that he is loosing the only people in this world who mean anything to him. He is about to jump of a bridge, until he meets up with Christine. Could she save his life or, will nothing change in his life at all? It is two weeks until Adam’s 35th birthday, things need to drastically change by Adam’s birthday.

To find out if Adam’s life can be changed in two weeks , make sure you don’t miss out on this life changing novel.

Why I recommend it:
This book made me realize that there is always something in life to be grateful for, and self-help books aren’t the answer to everything. When I saw this Cecelia Ahern novel in the book store, I didn’t need to read the back to know that it would be a funny, charming, riveting and heart-warming novel. This novel definitely lived up to my expectations. I have no doubt that if you are a Cecelia Ahern fan that it will live up to yours as well. I couldn’t resist and I had to buy it!

Star Rating: amazon. Gave this book 4.2 out of 5.

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