Inside Out.

An inspirational piece: Creating abundance from within.

Love and happiness from within can create abundance on the outside.

What exactly does that mean? Well first quiet your soul and focus your inner being on being in a completely relaxed state. Then you begin to think of what it is that you want. I also want to stress the fact that gratitude in prayer is very important. Always show God your appreciation for what you want during prayer as though you already have what you want. God wants to give what you want, so there is another reason to thank him for what you are about to receive.

One of the hardest things to do is to feel happiness for someone else when they have the exact thing that you want. For example, imagine someone you know has just told you they are pregnant. You have been trying for months on end to have a baby, but you and your husband have not been successful. Your friend was not even trying and it happened so easily. The best thing you can do is to feel complete happiness from the inside out for that friend. When you congratulate her, smile your biggest smile. You want her to feel all the love you have for her radiating out of you. This in turn will bring more love and happiness into your life. It may also, if you show loads of gratitude, bring the baby you have always wanted into your life.

Keep gratitude alive through prayer and always show love to others and let them feel you radiating happiness from within, in order to crate all the abundance you want in your life. The more love and happiness you feel from within the more you get on the outside.

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