Inspirational Piece: Things As They Seem:

Things aren’t always as they seem:

When it comes to the obstacles that we face in life, things aren’t always as they seem. So you’re probably wondering what this actually means right? Well what it means is that things often feel a lot worse then they really are. You however have the power to change all of that, and it’s really quite simple.

When you look in your purse and wallet and see that you don’t have any cash. You begin to feel terrible and you say that you don’t have money, and then you start to complain. Am I right? Well in a previous inspirational piece I stated that changing our thoughts is incredibly important. Of course so is gratitude. So what we need to do in these instances, is look around at everything you see. When you walk down the street or drive, do you see people begging? I’m sure we have all seen someone begging at some point. When I see people like this, I begin to realize that my situation is a lot better then quite a few people. I immediately start showing gratitude to God for blessing me so richly. Plus you should be grateful that while you don’t have money right now your pay check will most likely soon come through. So this shows you that your situation is not so bad after all.

What about if you are sick? You may even be in hospital for an operation. You think that you are never going to feel better. I have been in hospital more times then I’d like. I know what it’s like to feel that things wont get better. However when we look over at the person in the bed across from us and we find out that they have terminal cancer, while we are in for a operation that will restore us back to good health in no time at all. We should be once again thanking God for blessing us once more. Some people wont make it through the day, but God has given us more time on this beautiful earth. does this not mean that all is not lost?

There are also often times when we may have been left brokenhearted by our partner. We may think to ourselves that we will never find love again. In these instances you need to see that if you found a partner before, there was obviously a reason. You are beautiful inside and out and someone found you to be the partner for them. If this was the case before, well then someone else is bound to feel the same way your previous partner did. Also it’s important to be grateful that if you aren’t yet married and your partner left you, then at least there will be no messy divorce to go through. So once more you are in a much better situation then you thought you were in.

When we find ourselves in what we think is a never ending bad cycle of misfortune. We should be looking around and seeing that our situation is much better then a lot of people. Don’t focus on the friends and family members whose lives seem to be much better then yours. This will only make you feel jealous. Instead think of those less fortunate then you are. Start showing gratitude for what you have, things really aren’t as bad as they seem and they can always change for the better at any moment. There is always someone worse off then you are and showing gratitude can change a little into a lot. Smile cos things aren’t that bad, you will be just fine.

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