Keep That Smile, Stay Happy.

An inspirational piece: How to stay happy and keep on smiling.

In life it often feels as if everything is going wrong in our day or even the whole week this blog will explain how just changing your thoughts can change your whole day or even your whole week.

When you start to feel sick, say for instance you feel as if you are about to get a horrible bout of flue. What are your first thoughts? Do you say ‘Oh no flue, again it’ll take ages to go away, and I’ll probably be stuck in bed all day?’ When you say this, this is exactly what will happen to you. Your flue will come about and you’ll end up sick in bed. However if you say ‘I don’t have flue I don’t get flue, and then begin to say thank you for the gift of health, the gift of health is what’s keeping me alive.’ This will prevent you from feeling low and getting flue.

What happens when you see all your bills lying on your desk? Do you say ‘Look at all these bills I wont be able to pay these bills, I don’t have enough money?’ The reason you aren’t able to pay your bills at the end of the month is because you tell yourself that you can’t afford to pay them, and that you don’t have enough money. What you should say is,’ thank you for all the money that I have in the bank, and thank you that I am able to pay my bills each and every month.’ You will then be able to pay them.

What about your weight, Do you say ‘I can’t loose or pick up weight at all no matter what I try.’ By now I’m sure you know why you aren’t able to loose or gain weight. Start saying things like, ‘Thank you for the most magnificent outcome to the fact that I can gain/ loose weight. If you do this you’ll soon be at your goal weight.

One of the things that I like to remember when I’m having a bad day is that I am not laying in hospital in a comma. Neither are you, so be grateful for that. If you were in a comma, you wouldn’t be reading this. So I know You’re not in a comma. If you had a bad day today don’t worry because today is not going to last forever. All bad things come to an end eventually. I also tell myself that each second is bringing me closer to something better, whether that’s just a long hot bath at the end of the day or it’s a chance to see one of my friends and go for coffee. When you think you’re having a bad day, remember that it could be worse, you could actually be fighting for your life in that comma. So start smiling cos your day really isn’t as bad as it seems. Keep smiling it’s the best cure for a bad day. How can you say I’m having horrible day with a smile on your face? It just doesn’t work, trust me I’ve tried it. Just turn that frown upside down and put a smile on your dial.

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