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An inspirational piece: Keeping a journal.

This piece explains why it is so important for you to keep a journal.

Five years ago I kept a journal. At the time I was unsure of which life path to take. I took a course, in what I thought I wanted to do as a career. When I look back on my journal five years later. It only makes me more and more grateful that my life has improved in so many ways.

Each and every year your life changes. Somethings change for the better. However somethings aren’t better than the previous year. When you look back at the things that weren’t so great, but have now improved, and are a lot better. You must say thank you for all the things that have changed for the better. Thank God during your daily prayer.
For instance, I did not have a job because I was studying in that year. I did not know what career I wanted to go into. I now say thank you to God, during my prayers for guiding me in the right direction. I also say thank you for giving me the most amazing job and such wonderful people to work with.

If things did not turn out so well. For instance, I didn’t have so many expenses, as I do now. I now say thank you to God during my prayers in advance, for helping me to earn a living, so that I may be able to pay for all the expenses that I now have. Since I have been saying thank you in advance for being able to pay off all my expenses. I now have the money I need each month to pay for everything.

My Journal has helped me to appreciate the good things in my life that much more. For the not so good things, I am more grateful in advance for the chance for things to turn around for the better. I am currently doing another journal. So that the same thing may happen next year, when I look back on the time that was. Remember the reasons why it’s important to keep a journal. You can take any examples like I did from your journal to use as a way to say thank you and be more grateful. I hope you will start yours today, you wont be sorry only more grateful.

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