Kimberley A Diamond In The Rough, Part One.

A trip to one of the most historical places in South Africa, Kimberley:
Recently I took a trip to Kimberley. Set in the lovely province of the Northern Cape. Kimberley is a town rich in history. They also have one of the most diverse cultures In South Africa. I called it a diamond in the rough, because just like a diamond Kimberley appears rough to the eye, but on closer inspection is truly one of the most interesting places you will ever see, with some hidden beauties you never even knew existed. This is the first part of my amazing journey.

A hole lot of fun with my best friends, diamonds:
The most popular attraction in Kimberley has got to be the “Big Hole.” It is an open diamond mine formerly known as the Kimberley mine. It is said to be the largest hole excavated by hand,the first diamonds were found here by the.De Beers brothers. We viewed the magnificent 42 acres of the hole from the most beautiful viewing point, which gives you a birds-eye view of the hole. After which, we then went on to do the underground tour. We hoped into the elevator which is equipped with the best sound effects. It’s really made to sound so realistic. You can hear the miners talking to each other while digging away at the hole. Once out of the elevator, we went on to experience what it’s really like underground. Once there you can get the full underground experience. The underground is very realistic. It looks very much like the hole most probably looked years ago. Loud sirens can be herd and more digging continues as you walk through to the museum. When you get to there, you can view replicas of some of the largest diamonds found in South Africa, from the traditional diamond to colored diamonds. You also get the opportunity to read up about how they first found diamonds in the hole and everything else you may want to know about diamonds and South African history. Every half hour you can also go into the auditorium and view a short biography on the Big Hole and how they excavated diamonds in Kimberley. Visiting the Big Hole is an experience not to miss out on. For more on:Big Hole

Living on the wild side:
One of the trips I took in Kimberley was to Mokala National Park. My friends and I decided to have a picnic at this Northern Cape national park. We paid for our entrance and soon we were on our way. We drove for a few minutes to try and find our picnic spot. Along the way we spotted some warthog, impala, gemsbok and even a few springbok. What we really wanted to see was the zebras and giraffe. Luckily for us it wasn’t long before we saw zebras grazing and a whole journey of giraffe crossing before our very eyes. It was so much fun getting to enjoy our lunch out in the beautiful sunshine. It was so tranquil and peaceful, the only sounds that could be herd were the birds chirping in the trees.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some of the amazing sights from Kimberley’s Big Hole and the journey of giraffe that I saw from the cars window while at Mokala National Park, as well as the many buck who can often be seen enjoying a beautiful sunny day in the park. More amazing images to follow in part two of my tip to Kimberley.

P.S: Part two of my amazing trip to follow soon. See Fun Adventures for part two of my amazing trip.

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