Kimberley A Diamond In The Rough. Part Two:

Part two of my amazing trip to the very historical Kimberley:

Fun,findings and facts. A trip to the McGregor Museum:
If you don’t already know Kimberley has some of the most fascinating historical museums in South Africa. First on our list was the McGregor Museum. This historical museum was started in 1907 and was formally known as the Alexander McGregor Manorial Museum. The McGregor museumsn houses natural and cultural history collections. This museum trip filled me knowledge that I never knew existed. You could be there for hours at a time. There was so much history to read up on. There are may rooms each filled with many large posters that tell of the history of the world, from many of the worlds wars to the South African apartheid era. There is also a magnificent section of the museum where taxidermy animals can be viewed as part of the history on the different animal species in Africa and South Africa. These animals look so incredibly realistic. One animal can even be seen with a dead rabbit in it’s mouth, which looks as if he just caught his lunch. There is a small piece of history for everyone in the museum. whether you are an animal lover, or you are fascinated with war history, you will be sure to find it all in one museum. I still feel if I went back, there would definitely be more things to learn there. There is even an old church in the back where you can read up on the history behind many of the churches in Kimberley and about when they started, to where they are today. Once you have been through the whole museum including the church at the back. Don’t forget to go to the gift shop. You’ll be sure to find a lovely gift to take back home.

A history of his own. A visit to the Sol Plaatjie Museum:
My friends and I also decided to visit the Sol Plaatje Museum. This Museum was once the house of Solomon T Plaatjie and his family, It was donated to him and he stayed there until he passed away. The museum comprises of a library in the front room where some historical books can be read. Once you pass through the library, you enter the first bedroom which houses large posters framed on the wall all documenting the life and times of Solomon T Plaatjie. You can read up about his childhood to the many books he translated from English to his mother tongue ,up to his going into politics and even what happened to him after he was no longer in politics. There is also a second bedroom where more information can be read. This museum is not a big museum, so reading through the info is quick and easy. Before you leave the museum you can even purchase one of the books that he wrote or one of Shakespeare’s plays that he translated. This museum contains a wealth of knowledge about one of the most extraordinary South Africans to have ever lived.

Artistry beyond measure. Time spent at the William Humphrey’s Art Gallery:
One of the things I most wanted to do besides the Big Hole, was to visit the William Humphrey’s Art Gallery. You can view some of the most amazing art works from every decade. Some even date back as far as the sixteen hundreds. You can even view some very interesting sculptures. The sculptures are somewhat on the strange side but very interesting and fascinating at the same time. At the art gallery there are about a round a hundred or so artworks including sculptures. When you are in the gallery, you feel as if you are taking a trip through history. It really is an amazing experience. There is also some artworks that have been embroidered and sown by many people from the townships. Each piece also has a wright-up about the the person who made these artworks. The art gallery also has a tea garden if you wish to stay for tea and cake after viewing the art woks in the gallery. This is one place I am so glad I got to experience.

The trip as a hole:
My trip to Kimberley is not surprisingly enough, one that I will surely treasure forever. I came on this trip wanting to see some extraordinary sites. I got that, and a whole lot more then I bargained for. I left Kimberley with a wealth of knowledge, that I shall keep with me always. When you visit Kimberley, you don’t go for the wild party’s and sought after night life.(Sorry for all you party animals and night owls. The night life is kinda non-existent.) You go because you want to see things you have never seen, and you want to have an experience that you will never forget. Kimberley is definitely a diamond in the rough worth visiting. When I left I felt like a new person, a person with new insights into life. Do you even have to ask? Of course I now feel excited, to go on my next adventure!

Take a look at the gallery below to see some photos from the sol Plaatje museum, the MaGregor museum, As well as some amazing paintings and some other very interesting works of art.

All Photos obtained from: and openafrica-kimberley


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