Let Your Imagination Run Wild.

An inspirational piece: Turning what you want into what you have.

You may feel as though there are things in your life that you would like to change. You can use your actions and your imagination to create what you want.

If you are living in a rather small flat and would really love to live in a nice big house. Then when you are cleaning up around the house, Imagine you see your house exactly as you would want it to be. Imagine the size of your house. Picture all the beautiful furniture in each and every room of your beautiful, big, brand new home. While you are doing this make sure you never forget to say thank you for each and everything in your new home.

Maybe it’s money that you want in order to go on that much needed vacation in December. All you have to do is make sure, that every time you receive a bill in the mail that you imagine that it is a check and you are receiving a whole lot of cash. Or you can imagine when you open up your wallet that there is wads of cash in there. Also remember to say thank you for that cash.

Maybe things haven’t been going so well with you health wise. In order for you to be as healthy as you would like you must imagine yourself as healthy as you possibly can. When you are doing little tasks like going to the shops, that might seem like a huge task because you are not feeling well. However you can imagine yourself feeling well and energetic enough to shop for hours, and soon you will be. I had a knee operation awhile back, and I was not able to put any pressure on my leg with the knee that had been operated on. I therefore imagined myself walking as I did before my op and I imagined my self running and even jumping. I then said thank you for two healthy knees and legs. It took quite a bit of recovery, but soon I was able to do all of the things that I had done before. This was all due to me imagining I could do it all.

There’s an endless amount of things in your life that you can change with your imagination. No matter what it is, just use your imagination and you can have whatever you want. Always remember that gratitude must also come into play no matter what. Here’s to having the best of everything in life!

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