Living In The Now.

An inspirational piece: Living for each and every moment.

How can we live in the now? Well if you really want to live for each and every moment, then you need to stop living in the past or the future and start living in the present moment.

Too often we spend our days thinking back on either the good old days or the so called mistakes of the past. It doesn’t help to live in the past. Yes you might have had some great times. As we get older though, we look back and say if only I still looked that young and that good. I was much skinnier, and my hair looked that much better, and I certainly had none of these horrid wrinkles. However when we look back on the past all the time we are often thinking of the things we don’t currently have, like the good skin, or hair of our youth. This then leads to us not living in the now. What we need to do is put the past behind us because we can’t go back and change it. If we made bad decisions in the past then we should all be learning from them, instead of constantly thinking that we would love to have the chance to go back and change them. Focus on the present that is all we are guaranteed of. Live fully in the moment, because we know that the present will soon become the past. Make the most of every second, every second is a beautiful moment in life to be cherished.

If we are always looking to the future we are also not living in the now. We often focus too much on the future as well. I certainly know that I do this a lot. If I have something to look forward to then I focus on that, all day long I am thinking about it. What will my day be like and who will be at the place I am going to. This is not good, I am constantly having to bring myself back into the present moment and tell myself to stop obsessing over it. When we do things like this we are not enjoying the time we have now. We also don’t even know what may happen tomorrow. Maybe we don’t even get to go to that event that we are so looking forward to. If there is one thing to remember it is this. ‘Don’t count the days, make all the days count’. Each day is precious and priceless. Instead of worrying about what might or might not happen in the future, enjoy what time we have now, because now might just be that day that you have been looking so forward to for so long.

Just remember! The past is in the past for a reason because that is where it belongs. We can’t go back in time and change things, so stop worrying about them. Don’t focus too much on the future either, because then we are going to be worrying about something that may not even happen. We also want to make the days count, don’t count the days. Make sure you enjoy every moment and live for the now, as now is all you have.

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