Loosing Loved Ones. A Poem.

Remembering those loved ones we have lost:

This poem is dedicated to my amazing grandmother, who will always be sadly missed and lovingly remembered:

It’s always difficult to lose a loved one, What can you do when they are gone? You can think of them and remember them as the happy person they were, Remember them in the way you know they would prefer.

Think of them with fondest love, And know that they are smiling down on you from above. Know that they loved you in every way, They shall remain in your hearts every day.

God will help you to get through, He will help you to start each a day anew. There are so many wonderful years that you and your loved one shared, And they know how much you cared.

When the pain is too much to bear, All you need to do is call on God and he shall be there. Right now you are feeling the sadness of a great loss, Just know that, one day you will feel complete happiness, cos one day your paths will cross.

From today on when you think of them for awhile, Think of them and begin to smile. Cos if there was one thing they would want to say, I think it would be that they have loved you from the day day you met, right back at the start, And even though you may be apart, you need look no further, for they will always be right there in your heart.

In Loving memory of the amazing Gwenyth Isobel Swartz.

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  1. Jenny Parvess

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Hayley and family on the sad loss of our beloved Granny.
    What a beautiful poem written from the heart.

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