Book Review: Never Give Up.

Never Give Up: Joyce Meyer:

About this book:
Joyce Meyer is an internationally recognized author and speaker. She is a christian author who is an expert on many subjects. She has also had to overcome many insurmountable obstacles in her life. Joyce has been through an abusive childhood and a bad marriage, yet she has come through all of this a much stronger woman. It is the faith and trust she has in God that has pulled her through, as well as her endless determination to succeed at everything she does in life.

Never Give up consists of many examples of people who have had the same faith and determination that she has had. Here the stories are told of individuals such as the guy who built the Brooklyn Bridge, to the chemist who invented post-it notes.

All of these people have truly inspiring journeys. It took a lot of courage and a whole lot of faith to get them to reach their goals but each one of these individuals reached the goals they set for themselves.
Never Give Up will provide you with the tried-and-tested tools you will need to meet each and every challenge that you face on your journey through life. Joyce reminds us also that nothing is ever impossible with God by your side.

Why I recommend it:
By the time you finish this book, you will want to start on your journey and reach each and every goal. When I started this Book all I wanted was for people to read my written works. Since I completed this book I have become a commercial and professional blogger and people all over the world can now read my work. My vision for you is that, you will begin your journey just like I did, and never give up.

Star Rating: amazon. Gave this book 4.4 out of 5.

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